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Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Day in the Life...

How do we spend our day at the AVP? Here are a few images from throughout an AVP day.
Greeting the morning sunlight from the window of the "shalley" (Jean speak for chalet).
Master Tom preparing some of us for the day's work with a little morning yoga in the greenhouse.

Daniel and Ariel preparing a new screen.

Now they're setting up a 1 X 1 unit to use the new screen.

Jim showing off the unfinished celt he discovered on the surface at Area C.

We work in the field...literally.
 A plan view of Feature 13-02, beautifully prepared by Becky, Tom and Jim.
Tom and Laurie washing artifacts in the on-site lab space provided by the wonderful people at  Canticle Farm.

The crew enjoying an evening at Napoli Pizza in Olean.
Then, of course, we head off to our quarters and sleep soundly, awaiting the next eventful day...

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