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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December Update

The processing of the Karl Site materials is running smoothly along. The surface survey materials are processed and catalogued, and the excavation materials processing is underway. I've included a few examples of artifacts from the surface survey of Area B below. The project is going through the process of becoming a registered non-profit entity. This will enable us to better fulfull our mission, and will provide our donors with a tax deduction. We have formed an incorporating board of directors and are now going through legal processes. The Allegheny Valley Project, Inc. mission statement and financial records will be posted on pages within this site once all details have been finalized through the board. The Winter newsletter will be sent out late January or early February, and will have more details about this process and the 2013 field season.

                                      Pitted stone, Karl Site Area B

                                       Hammerstone, Karl Site Area B

Projectile Point (Lamoka type), Karl Site Area B

More artifacts from Area B are pictured on the Karl Site page.