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Friday, February 2, 2018

SUNY JCC and AVP Summer Archaeological Field School Information

JCC is once again offering a discount tuition rate for the 6 credit field school. This year tuition is just $594 for New York residents with a certificate of residence (COR), and $1188 for out-of-state students, and residents without a COR. Additional fees total $76.50 for residents and non-residents. Registration forms can be found at and should be filled out as follows:
CMP = JM    CRN = 3179    SBJ = ANT    CR HRS = 6    COURSE FEE = (leave blank)
COURSE TITLE = ANT 2010 Discount Tuition Arch Field School.

Enter the discount tuition amount ($594 with COR or $1188 without) in the TUITION box, enter $52.50 in the TECHNOLOGY FEE box, and enter $24 in the LEARNING NETWORK FEE box. Add up tuition and fees and enter into the TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED box ($670.50 with COR, $1264.50 without), include payment, and mail to the address indicated on the form.

For more information on tuition, fees or the registration process, email Shannon Bessette at . For more information about the field school itself, food/lodging options, and the project in general, email Steve Howard at 

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Summer Field School 2018

(click image to enlarge)
Registration and tuition information will be posted here soon. In the meantime, you can contact Shannon at JCC ( or Steve at AVP ( for current information.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Farewell Season 2017

 As the 2017 season drew to a close, a buried "A" horizon and a feature with pottery fragments made it clear that we need to return one more year to Canticle Farm...

Laura and Rich record a profile

a large pottery fragment collected the last day

Thank you to all who volunteered and donated to the project to make 2017 such a success! Processing and analyses follow, and we'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Time has flown by...

We are already in the waning days of Season 2017! Time has passed by so fast, and we have discovered many new things about the site. So much, that we have decided to extend the excavations at Canticle Farm for one more year. This was necessitated by the discovery of a new zone of activity that may represent a different time level within the Ancestral Ohiyoh Haudenosaunee time frame.

Pottery fragment in situ within a suspected pit feature.

A plain rimsherd with faint cordmarking below the lip.

A series of test pits form a "trench" exposing the base of the plow zone. Composite photos like this are taken just before we backfill. We will reopen this trench next season to investigate a possible feature in the far end.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Pipe Stem fragment

Anne-Claire, visiting from France, found a ceramic pipe stem fragment.

State Park Weekend

Taking a break from digging, we visited a few state parks this past weekend...

Ruins at Allegany State Park

Stone Tower, Allegany State Park

The Annual Overlook Photo, Allegany State Park

Letchworth State Park: l-r Marco, Thomas, Clara, Anna, Anne-Claire, Jan, Laura and Laurie

Another Letchworth photo

Monday, July 24, 2017

AVP Fieldwork

We've been working hard in the southwest corner of the field this year, investigating some anomalies we picked up with the gradiometer at the end of last season.

Local volunteer Drake, Rich from Texas, and Jan from the Czech Republic square up a test unit.

Marco from Italy screens for artifacts.

Thomas from Massachusetts trowels in a unit dominated by an abandoned woodchuck den.

Jill from Colorado helps field school student Laura from Washington measure an artifact elevation.

Clara from France goes over paperwork with Sonja from Virginia.

Anne-Claire from France looks for artifacts in the screen.

Laura helps Anna from Spain break up roots at the screen.

Local volunteer Carol takes care of paperwork for one of the digging crews.

We have room for more volunteers, of all ages and abilities. Come on down to see what it's like to be an archaeologist!