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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Mid-Season Update

This past weekend we bid farewell to our international volunteer cohort. Though our VFP volunteers have returned home, Season 2019 is still rolling along. We are still open to volunteers of all ages and abilities, and site visitors as well. Come on down and see us at the Canticle Farm Market building on Old State Road in Allegany, NY. We'll likely be out back. Way out back.
From left, Andrea and Jill consult with Cristina on recording features in a unit.

Andrea carries a handful of garlic plants to the root clipping station. We help out Canticle Farm for letting us dig at their farm.

Andrea, Ata, Andrea and Josué at Letchworth State Park.

Judith and the crew check out Middle Falls.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

First Few Weeks

Our first few weeks at the AVP have been quite eventful. We opened up previously excavated units to examine our identified features. We also welcomed our International cohort, who immediately began to find amazing artifacts. A few of our local friends have popped by, and we'd like to see more of you. We'll be at the site Thursday and Friday, though on Friday we'll close a bit early to attend the Pow Wow. We'll be back Monday the 22nd and excavate through the week.

International volunteers at the screens. From left, Ata from Turkey, Irineo from Mexico, and Cristina from California (originally from Spain, via's complicated).

More of a pot that was first discovered at the end of last season.

Stephanie from Rochester and Daryll from England measure in even more pottery before removal.

One of our Andreas from Italy works with a wood tool (aka a skewer).

Ata works with Judith from France and Cristina (hiding in back) to repair a screen.

From left, Jan from the Czech Republic, Ata, Irineo, our other Andrea from Italy, and Cristina process artifacts on a rainy Wednesday morning.

Find of the week: a rim sherd that appears to pre-date our village.

Julia from Germany excavates a large section of pottery.

Andrea looks on as Cristina shows a biface fragment she found.

Cristina's biface fragment: a Jack's Reef base.

A curious site visitor.