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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Ground Breaking

Today we got the volunteer house situated, and tomorrow we'll be setting up the field area and breaking ground to expose some of the earlier units from which we plan to expand. We'll be in and out of the site, as we're still in set-up mode, but if you stop by and we happen to be there, come on down and say 'Hi!' We're also excited about our new lab space, and we'll be trying that out if it rains this week. 

Friday, July 9, 2021

We can finally confirm that we will be running a scaled-down field season for 2021! Our program will be welcoming volunteers from July 25 through August 14. We will be continuing our investigations at the Canticle Farms site called Bockmier One. It is a Late Woodland village site that was once inhabited by the Ohiyo Haudenosaunee, people who form part of the ancestry of today's Onondagawa (Seneca). Our focus this year will be on identifying the features and structures in the southwest corner if the site, and how they relate to the broader site in general. We will have opportunities for fieldwork and lab work, so come on out and learn a bit about archaeology!
*We will be continuously monitoring and abiding by the CDC recommendations for the continuing pandemic. The Allegheny Valley region has a relatively low vaccination rate, so we are asking that all out-of-state volunteers be vaccinated, to reduce risk of transmission.