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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December Update

Bockmier Point report is under review at Northeast Anthropologist. The artifact catalogue is complete and the analyses are underway for the final section of the dissertation. It's almost done! The Allegheny Valley Project will likely have a hiatus from fieldwork in 2010, while plans are worked out for the annual field school and research center. Starting in 2011 and every year thereafter, the Allegheny Valley Project will provide opportunities for volunteers of all ages and abilities a chance to participate in the various aspects of archaeological study in the Allegheny Valley.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Sites

Several new sites were discovered last field season. Here is a current list of the sites to be used in the dissertation (new site names are tentative):
Altenberg 1
Altenberg 2
Canticle Farms 1
Canticle Farms 2
Previously recorded:
Bockmier Point (report soon to be published)
Bockmier Field
Bockmier Terrace
Five Mile North
Five Mile South
Four Mile 1

Below are a few artifact photos from the various sites:

Pitted Stone from Karl Site

Stemmed Point fragment from Doris Site (Robbins type)

Notched Point from Altenburg 2 (untyped, probably Early Archaic)

Stemmed Point from Bockmier Terrace (Genesee type)

January/February News

Newsletters for Spring 2009 have been mailed out. They have been sent out to participating landownwers and a few interested neighbors and volunteers. If you would like a newsletter, let me know. They are sent out every three months or so...
Fieldwork continues at the end of March, weather permitting. Mapping and gradiometer surveys top the list of things to be done in Spring. Volunteers will be learning how to use a Total Station and a Fluxgate Gradiometer. Shovel testing will also occur, and limited excavations will take us into mid-summer. There is one field that still needs to be surface collected. This will occur in April, before the field is planted. More volunteers are always welcome. Most of the work will occur on long weekends this Spring, as I will be teaching in Columbus Tuesdays and Thursdays.