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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Analysis Update

We are currently mapping artifact distributions and looking at the plan maps in the longhouse area. It appears that we have a general east-west orientation of this house, and we have exposed a small cross-section including the north and south walls, two structural posts, and two hearth areas. there may have been a dividing wall present as well. As soon as a composite plan is completed, it will be posted here. We will continue to follow walls next season, and expand around F-13-05 to see if it was an indoor or outdoor pit. We're now up to 17 unique vessels from Bockmier One. Here are a few new individuals.

Tentatively called 'Pot P', this individual lacks a connecting rim sherd, but we do have a few with similarly produced obliques that may fit the bill.

If Pot P is a pot without a rim, Pot Q (so far) is a rim without a pot. Unfortunately, the two don't appear to match, but we have a few neck and shoulder pieces that may just go with this lonely rim sherd.

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