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Monday, July 24, 2017

AVP Fieldwork

We've been working hard in the southwest corner of the field this year, investigating some anomalies we picked up with the gradiometer at the end of last season.

Local volunteer Drake, Rich from Texas, and Jan from the Czech Republic square up a test unit.

Marco from Italy screens for artifacts.

Thomas from Massachusetts trowels in a unit dominated by an abandoned woodchuck den.

Jill from Colorado helps field school student Laura from Washington measure an artifact elevation.

Clara from France goes over paperwork with Sonja from Virginia.

Anne-Claire from France looks for artifacts in the screen.

Laura helps Anna from Spain break up roots at the screen.

Local volunteer Carol takes care of paperwork for one of the digging crews.

We have room for more volunteers, of all ages and abilities. Come on down to see what it's like to be an archaeologist!

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