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Monday, July 25, 2016

What's It Like to Volunteer?

Our annual Community Archaeology Day is coming up on July 30 (Saturday, 10-5), and everyone is welcome to come on out and tour the site, and participate in fun activities for the entire family. We would also like to remind you that you are always welcome to visit or volunteer every day we're at the site. What's it like to volunteer? Here are some students and volunteers in action:

Bronson performs some needed screen maintenance. 

Colin and Noah use trowels to excavate a test unit.

Jessica and Manon use shovels to remove the plow zone from a test unit, while Rich tends to paperwork.

Anais, Andyfan and Cynthia take a break from excavating to pose for the camera.

Zoey, Bronson and Crissy screen dirt excavated from a test unit.

Anais shovels dirt into a bucket for plow zone screening.

Dustin and Jay use trowels to excavate their test unit.

Celia straightens up the walls of her test unit, which is located next to a woodchuck den.

The crew takes a break from excavating to help the Canticle farmers rid the potato plants of potato bugs and their larvae.

Colin and Rich work on their 1m X 1m test unit.

It can be hard work, hot and muggy, or cold and wet. That's just a part of being an archaeologist!

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