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Friday, June 21, 2013

Field Season 2013

Field Season 2013 is nearly upon us! Funding for this season's equipment and supplies comes mainly from donations from A. Altenburg, J. Patton, T. Sherman and C. Isbrecht, as well as several supporting members. Though we have a field school scheduled, but there are still ample opportunities for volunteers to participate. This year, on non-field school days, walk-on volunteers are welcome. This includes the entire week prior to the field school and Saturdays and some Sundays thereafter (see calendar below). If you'd like to volunteer on a field school day, a limited number of positions are available for which to schedule in advance on a first-come-first-serve basis (days are filling up, so schedule as soon as possible). Email or visit the site to schedule. It promises to be an exciting season!
This blog will again serve as a communications window during the field season, with updates at least every few days. Any scheduling changes that may occur will also be posted here.

     28 – site preparations
     29 – 9-11am: field workshop
             11am-5pm: field volunteer shifts
     30 – site closed/rain day


     1 – 9am-6pm: field volunteer shifts
     2 – 9am-6pm: field volunteer shifts
     3 – 9am-6pm: field volunteer shifts
     4 – 9am-2pm: field volunteer shifts
     5 – lab preparations
     6 – 9am-6pm: field volunteer shifts
     7 – field school preparations
     8-12 – 8am-4pm: field school*
     13 – 9am-6pm: field volunteer shifts
     14 – 11am-4pm: field volunteer shifts
     15-19 – 8am-4pm: field school*
     20 – 9am-6pm: field volunteer shifts
     21 – site closed/rain day
     22-26 – 8am-4pm: field school*
     27 – field volunteer shifts
     28 – 11am-4pm: field volunteer shifts
     29-31 – 8am-4pm: field school*


     1-2 – 8am-4pm: field school*
     3 – 9am-6pm: field volunteer shifts
     4 – 11am-4pm: closing volunteer shifts

*The JCC field school requires a minimum number of registered students. If the minimum is not met, the field school will be cancelled. In that event, all registered students will be refunded their tuition fees through JCC. Any students that had registered and planned to attend the field school will be welcome to participate as unpaid AVP interns, to gain valuable field experience. In the event that the field school is cancelled, the project will be open to walk-on volunteers every working day.

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