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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Field Season 2012 is almost here! Funding for this season's equipment and supplies comes mainly from donations from D. Hornburg, A. Altenburg and J. Patton. We have several local volunteers registered, and a few from not-so-local places like New Hampshire and Virginia. As the first full-scale season of the project, this is our "test run," so to speak. We are still working on a shoe-string budget, and have allowed ourselves some flexibility to learn what works and what doesn't. It promises to be an exciting season!
This blog will serve as a communications window during the field season, with updates at least every few days. Any scheduling changes that may occur will also be posted here.
On a more somber note, during preparations for this season, I learned that Jim Bockmier passed away on February 23. Through the years, Jim has graciously allowed countless investigations on his farm, from field surveys, to test excavations to a SUNY Geneseo field school that ran there for two summers. He was a great friend and the most intelligent agriculturalist I have ever met. He taught me much about the processes he used to produce his famous sweet corn and other produce. He was always interested to hear about the archaeological work that went on in the Allegany area, including on his acreage. Jim, you will be missed.

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