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Monday, March 19, 2012

2012 Field Season

The 2012 Field Season schedule is being finalized this week. I looks like it will last three weeks, encompassing four weekends, most likely in July. Field participants are limited to 6-8 per day, and the field operations will occur 5 days per week. Email to schedule your volunteer slot. Early registrants have the most flexibility in choosing days, times, etc. You may volunteer for fieldwork for a half-day, one day, a weekend, a week, two weeks or the full three week period. Lab days will be Thursdays and rainy days. Open hours in the field are 9-6 or 7, and in the lab are 10-7. Partial shifts and half-days are available (most work usually occurs between 10 and 3). Lunch is usually between 12 and 1. The official 2012 schedule should be ready by next week and will be posted here and in the newsletter.

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