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Friday, June 10, 2011

Wet Spring Survey

The May 2011 survey occurred in the midst of one of the wettest seasons on record. Due to the field conditions as well as the short period of time available, survey activity was limited to a follow-up survey of the Bockmier 3 site and the Bockmier 4 find-spot. A controlled surface survey was employed to confirm an artifact distribution that was suggested during the dissertation fieldwork. The rainy weather permitted two days of survey, and the rest of the time was spent documenting metric data from two private collections of artifacts from the region. I also met with the staff from the Tribal Historic Preservation Office of the Seneca Nation, to establish one of the collaborative aspects of the Allegheny Valley Project. THPO Archaeologist Lauren Waldinger assisted with the surface survey, as did volunteer Laurie Labella. Preliminary results confirm the artifact distribution within Bockmier 3, and a few diagnostic artifacts will help us determine the age and nature of the site. As before, a few widely scattered artifacts were located within the area designated Bockmier 4 find-spot. It is likely the area was a low activity area during the occupation of the various sites on the Bockmier tract.

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